We Are Silver Spoon


Silver Spoon’s members record in film, CD, online media, live performance and continue to shock the world with their musical diversity and creativity. Members have received write ups from local and international media reviewing the music they share with the world.

Russ- Bass Carey- Vocals

Tim- Keys Mark- Drums

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“I have known the members of Silver Spoon for over 4 years and have heard them play a variety of music – and all of it has sounded fantastic”. -Virginia Richards, H&R Block

“They have great talent and terrific synergy with the entire group”. -Ashley Laurella, Nicholas and Company

“After sitting at a soundboard all day, I could still sit and listen to your band all night”. -Jon Anderson, Engineer at South Ogden Days

“All bass release showing the tonal diversity of bass (piccolo basses, tenor basses, standard bass and sub bass) all together on one recording. Features full length performances by bass greats: Michael Manring, Yves Carbonne, Tony Franklin, Jeff Schmidt, Jonni Lightfoot, Brady Muckelroy, Russ Hodges and yes, even Jeff Dodd”. -Bass Musician Magazine Worldwide

Sunday Night Jam